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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Versus Professional Contractors

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Versus Professionals.You know it is time to think about a new kitchen design when you suddenly realize you have had the same old kitchen cabinets ever since you moved into your house, and that was so long ago that your children were just babies and now they are all grown up and at college or married. The temptation is to go all the way and splash out on a brand new kitchen. However, this isn't possible for everyone due to the high costs involved, the inconvenience caused and time it takes.

If your kitchen has lasted all these years then it probably is well built and quite solid, in that case it will be worth considering kitchen cabinet refacing. These can give your kitchen a complete new updated look, works out much cheaper and will increase the value of your home into the bargain!

So, once you have made the decision to change the look of your kitchen by refacing the cabinets and drawers, the next question is who will do it? If you plan to do it yourself, the first thing to do is find out the materials and tools needed, as well as deciding on the cabinets you want.

You will need to have some idea of the costs the project will involve, calculate costs of purchasing the doors, drawers and accessories along with materials needed and tools required for the job. Also required is some expertise for working out the specifications of the products and do-it-yourself skills. Installing new cabinets isn't as easy as it looks, it's vital they are level and flush with each other as any slight mistake can throw all the other measurements off and doors won't open properly.

And then there is your time. You might estimate that the project will take you 2 weeks but you should set time aside for any problems or delays that might occur. If you are at home working there is always going to be something else that needs doing, a tool you don't have involving a trip to the DIY store or a design flaw. If you make a mistake it has to be rectified or you don't like part of the design and decide to change it, all this can increase the amount of time put aside for the project.

If you have a full time job it could take some time to complete a design kitchen project and if you do the work in your holidays, think about this carefully, do you really want to spend your valuable holiday time fitting a kitchen? Instead of hiring a plumber, organizing a skip, painting, and DIY troubles, you could hire a trained and qualified company of professionals who have an in depth knowledge of what they are doing and can do it in half the time. Kitchen cabinet refacing contractors can do the work without all of the mess that comes along with a major remodeling job.

A company, such as Save On Kitchens, can advise you on the multitude of styles and choices available and are experts on what is best for you. They have information on current trends and the latest products available on the market, it's often the interior design details, like trim, accent colors, and hardware that makes a remodeling project individual and special.

Save On Kitchens will send a professional designer to discuss details and help you achieve the look you are after. They will then measure up the kitchen and prepare a detailed design plan for approval. After the plan has been finalized and approved, the company build the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and anything else required. After the new kitchen has been installed, all that's left to do is pay! The whole process can take less than a week and won't involve any DIY headaches, go over budget, be half finished for months or use your holiday time up.

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