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A Time For Kitchen Remodeling

A Time For Kitchen Remodeling. It may be time for a spring make-up for your kitchen. That make-up can totally update your kitchen look in three to five days with kitchen cabinet refacing. Instead of "muddling" up your life with six weeks of normal remodeling, cabinet refacing does not seek and destroy, tear out or tear up. Most wooden cabinets are still solid and in great shape. Refacing gives your existing cabinets a face lift. That face lift can include from all-wood cabinet door and drawer fronts to new thermo-foil laminates. Styles go from California inspired sleek, streamlined fronts to traditional, raised and even glass doors.

Countertops, sinks and appliances are easily replaced. An alternative to adding cabinets may be to add accessories that end clutter by using wasted space with tip-out trays, roll-out drawers and pull down shelves. Add the clean, quiet shelf and drawer liners and you have interior cabinets that are as easy care and durable as exterior refacing.

Cabinet refacing is like putting money in your bank account because it adds more investment value than remodeling or painting your cabinets. The short range and long term savings are normally twice as much as other methods. Surveys in leading remodeling magazines state that customers recoup 98% to 102% of their investment with cabinet refacing when they sell their home. If everything's not rosy in your kitchen, plant this seed in hubby's mind, a new kitchen. When he compares the apples to oranges of new cabinets versus cabinet refacing, the idea might take root and get your kitchen a much-needed facelift now instead of having to save another year or two!

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