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Does your kitchen need a facelift?

Does your kitchen need a facelift?Is it looking tired and worn and well past its sell by date?

We all desire a gorgeous brand new kitchen, but with prices of dream kitchens out of most peoples reach, it can be difficult to find a decent quality product within your budget. Now, you need look no further. For affordable kitchen remodeling, kitchen cabinet manufacturers, Save On Kitchens, offer creative remodeling ideas that can give you a brand new kitchen design at a proportion of the price! This innovative website employs the best kitchen remodelers for kitchen design with low kitchen remodeling costs.

How is this possible? Most kitchens last a lifetime, apart from becoming dated, out of fashion or just plain old worn down the actual structure of the kitchen cabinets are quite robust. Save On Kitchens, instead of replacing the whole kitchen, look at modernizing what is already there by replacing the dated cabinets with a cost effective remodel kitchen, known as cabinet refacing. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a fashionable option to kitchen remodeling since it is achievable at a part of the cost and can be completed much more quickly. There is a large selection of kitchen cabinet designs and kitchen cabinet doors and accessories to choose from with a high quality craftsmanship finished product.

Kitchen cabinet refacing contractors are able to totally reface and customize a kitchen in a short space of time, normally in a matter of 3 to 5 days. They provide cabinet doors, door hinges, hardware, kitchen accessories, moldings and kitchen cabinet refacing.

Due to the affordability of cabinet refacing, you have a choice to look at upgrading other parts of your kitchen too. These could include features that can make your work area more spacious, make cooking more convenient or just enhance the appearance of the kitchen. Consider adding moldings, leaving some cabinets without doors for a more open effect, new flooring and appliances, you could even change the kitchen layout. Along with cabinet refacing new doors and new looks, little details can be cheap but improve the overall effect, such as stylish drawer pulls. Another idea when designing your kitchen cabinet refacing is to consider replacing cabinet doors with glass fronts. Glass can be clear, frosted or stained and used to show off beautiful pottery, glassware or silver.

How does it work? Kitchen cabinet refacing is a pretty simple process. The old cabinet doors and drawer fronts are taken away, then all the exposed cabinet surfaces, including the cabinet ends, are resurfaced with laminate, thermo-foil or veneer, once this is done the color you have chosen is added to match the new door style. New kitchen cabinets and cabinet refacing contractors have a complete range of doors available, constructed with hardwoods, such as oak, cherry, maple and other wood spices, laminates, thermo-foils and veneers. By replacing the doors, drawer fronts, hardware, adding new moldings, freeing up additional space, additional shelves and other trimmings, you can design your dream kitchen as you have always wanted it to look.

Refacing versus refinishing? Refinishing your old kitchen cabinets used to be seen as an affordable method for home improvement; however, cabinet refinishing absorbs a lot of time and effort if it is to be done correctly. The old finish has to be removed and sanded down to the bare wood, then stain and a sealer has to be applied, and the whole process repeated before the final clear coat is added. Although the process is less expensive than replacing or refacing the cabinets, the only outcome will be a new color or stain; the kitchen will still be the old design. In comparison to expensive new cabinets, kitchen cabinet refacing is much more economic as it works out at up to 50% cheaper. Cabinet refacing will replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new ones and the rest will be refaced to match your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

A kitchen is the heart of a family home, where everyone comes together to eat, discuss the days events and catch up with each others news. Pick up the phone and call your local cabinet refacing remodeler or designer today and watch your dated, worn old kitchen be transformed into your dream.

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