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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Can Add Thousands of Dollars Value to your Home

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Can Add Thousands of Dollars Value to your Home.When trying to sell your home in a buyers market appearance is everything. One simple and inexpensive improvement you can make to your home while adding significantly to the perceived value of your home is kitchen cabinet refacing.

It's a tough market out there if your looking to sell your home. Prices are lower and competition is higher than ever before. Buyers can take time to consider every aspect and scrutinize every detail, because let's face it, right now the buyers are in control. As a homeowner this can be a daunting challenge, how to raise interest in your home without investing too much money?

One area to consider (as buyers surely are) is the kitchen of your home. Every home that has been previously lived in home on the market is expected to have a reasonably amount of wear and tear and seeing as how the kitchen is often the most functional room in your home it is also likely to be the one with the most depreciation. Buyers know this and are on the lookout for it. Obvious steps like an immaculate cleaning (if your house is on the market, you should be doing this at least once a week. We're not talking about just making sure the counters are clear of clutter and wiped clean but big steps like moving the appliances out of their nooks to clean the floor underneath and wall behind, taking all the dishes, pots and pans out so you can properly clean out the cabinets, and baking chocolate chip cookies before an open house (the oldest odorous trick in the real estate agents book) are a must if you want to make a good first impression but serious buyers will be looking at your home with more scrutiny.

No one wants to move into a home that will soon require renovation if they can help it. Why let an obstacle like this become a sticking point in your buyer's mind. Put yourself in the home buyer's mind, if you were choosing between a variety of options wouldn't a future remodeling expense steer you away from one of your choices.

Now wait a minute, you may be saying the condition of my kitchen isn't that bad, and you may be right. Just consider, however, that the buyer you are trying impress will see dozens if not hundreds of kitchens before making their final purchase. Every minute advantage you can give yourself increases the chances of selling not just your kitchen, but your entire home!

Certainly it is ridiculous to expect everyone trying to sell a home should remodel their kitchen. A complete kitchen remodeling, done properly by a professional can easily run into an expense of tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally a kitchen remodeling usually is shown in it's best light with the addition of new appliances and as any homeowner knows appliances can easily spiral into quintuple digits on their own.

Now, it has been shown that kitchen remodels do nearly return 100% on investment (less on high-end remodels) but do you really want to be the seller in this market adding to the bottom line price of your home? A better option is to make smaller, less expensive improvements to your kitchen that will not only hide obvious signs of wear and tear but make your kitchen appear as it might have been remodeling more recently (if ever) than it has. Of the possible steps you can take kitchen cabinet refacing is probably both the most economical while at the same time being the most likely improvement to impress buyers when they walk into your kitchen for the first time.

Dingy, dirty, scuffed or yellowed kitchen cabinets are the first thing in the line of sight of potential buyers as they walk into your kitchen not only the first, but every-time so it's important to improve that negative impression before it ever gets made. A remodeler may encourage you to replace aged cabinets and doors but that can be exorbitantly expensive. Refacing cabinets on the other hand can be achieved with much less fuss and expense and provide surprising results more quickly than replacement.

Once a professional determines whether or not your home is a good candidate for kitchen cabinet refacing, (don't worry, most kitchens are, and most professional kitchen cabinet refacing companies will do the estimates for free) you can have a completely re-styled kitchen in as little as 3 days and for the cost about 50% less than expensive new cabinets.

Remember, the kitchen is the heart of your home, when buyers see that you have done a good job of keeping this important and central room in good condition it can make the difference between a pass and a purchase! Contact Save On Kitchens for a free in-home estimate!

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