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Kitchen Remodeling Preparation

Kitchen Remodeling Preparation.Now that you have made the decision to have your kitchen cabinets refaced, there will be a few things to remember. After finalizing all the necessary paperwork and specs for your kitchen cabinet refacing remodeling project with the hired contractor and designer, there is still some work you need to do. The remodeling of your kitchen will not take long, usually 3 to 5 days, but this preparation will help the contractor and designer remodeling your kitchen and also help yourself.

Emptying Your Kitchen Cabinets

Start moving the items that you won't be using in your kitchen about one week before the kitchen cabinet refacing project starts. By the time the project begins, you should have moved most of the items out of the kitchen cabinets. Once the project is finished, be sure to wash all of the dishes before putting them away. Also, while your kitchen is being refaced try to keep all you items far away from the kitchen to prevent dust from getting on them.

Other Kitchen Objects To Consider Removing

Remove any magnets, pictures, and anything on your refrigerator and walls. Although the contractors may end up moving your refrigerator into another room, to prevent any damage to your property it is advisable to move these items. Also, if there is a kitchen table and chairs, you may want to move them into a near by room, this will prevent the contractor from placing heavy objects on them. All plants, or other items on the kitchen window or on the window ledge, should be moved as well.

Contractor Responsibilities and Parking

Your contractor will need an area where debris can be placed temporarily until the project is finished, the contractor will then remove it and take it to a dumping area. Tools such as table saws, miter saws and materials will require space so wood can be cut. Parking will be needed as well. If you have things that might be in their way, your vehicles for example, move them away from their path and move them back when they are gone. This will help your contractors work more comfortably and finish the job sooner. Your contractor should disconnect the stove to prevent it from turning on accidentally, your heating and air conditioning system should also be turned off, this will prevent dust or fumes from going to other rooms. The floors should be covered with protective pads or mats to prevent the floors from breaking or scratching. Finally, all the openings from the kitchen to other rooms should be covered to prevent dust and fumes from getting into the other rooms in the house.

By following the steps above you will help the contractors do a better job in a more comfortable surrounding that you have created for them and as a result a more satisfying finished kitchen remodel. Also, this will prevent any valuable items from breaking, after all, most kitchens are small to begin with!

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